Florence Coles Home - A Dream Come True

“I did not think it would ever happen. Habitat, for me, was a dream, and it came true,” said Florence. On October 24, 2020, we dedicated her home. It is our 309th build and sits on the corner of McCorkle St. and Liberty St. She has reared two sons and has been a caregiver in Lynchburg for over 40 years! Florence has given so much to our community. Yet, she was renting an old drafty home with a leaky roof because that is all her caregiver’s salary could afford.

In 2019, Florence was struck by a car that badly injured her leg—walking up and down stairs is painful and difficult. In her previous home, she took eight steps to get into her front door, and it was a two-story building with her bedroom upstairs. Her new Habitat home has given her relief as it is a one-story home, with just a single stair to get onto her front porch.

Florence did not think affordable homeownership was possible until she got the call that her application to be a Habitat homeowner was accepted. She said, “I was so excited! I asked, ‘I was really one of the people who got picked?!’ Habitat is the best thing ever to happen! I am 60, and I’m able to own my home and work the hours to help build it!”

Throughout this process, Florence worked so hard, putting in hundreds of hours of sweat equity and taking responsibility and ownership of her home. Even though she is 60, she was willing to do any job during the build. Often she would come to the job site in the morning after working a night shift and still be energetic, joyful, and thankful.  

Thank you to the anonymous donor who sponsored this build! We are so glad you enjoyed your experience as a volunteer and chose to further your support. Because of you, Florence’s dream of self-reliance through homeownership has come true! Thanks also to Central Virginia Community College students and staff, who donated lumber and built the walls on their campus; and to Frito Lay for their group that volunteered and the donation of snacks for our build sites.