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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Greater Lynchburg Habitat!

Volunteers of no experience or with great experience make the Habitat for Humanity model work beautifully. They are critically important to furthering the organization’s mission in our community. Through the different places one can help, Habitat volunteers impact many local families each year.

Individuals of all backgrounds, of all faiths or of no faith, of any shape or size or color are welcome. Greater Lynchburg Habitat welcomes groups, too. Planning is very important so be sure to contact us first. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by email to or call 434.528.3774. We will assist you with choosing how and when you would like to volunteer.

There are some age restrictions.  Anyone over 18 can participate on the construction site.  Youth of ages 16 to 18 can work construction but there are some limitations. Those aged 14 to 16 years of age are permitted on the construction site when no construction work in the house is taking place.  Activity could be projects like planting trees, spreading mulch, placing gravels, etc. Sorry, but children under the age of 14 are unable to volunteer on our construction sites. Child-friendly activities off site can be pre-arranged. Call the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss options.

A male volunteer using a saw on a wooden beam


Build houses. If you don’t have construction experience, our crew will teach you the skills you need. We will provide all safety equipment, tools, and materials. You may want to bring your favorite work gloves.

Habitat ReStore

Greet shoppers, assist with product inventory, preparation, and display.


Prepare or purchase food for construction volunteers.

Committee Members 

Participate in one of GLHFH’s numerous operational committees that help accomplish the mission.

More Information and Sign Up

Before you appear for a workday with Greater Lynchburg Habitat, please be sure to get more information and sign up to volunteer.

More Information and Sign Up Today


General Information for Construction Volunteers


GLHFH runs volunteer work crews every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Our work schedule is from 8am to 3pm. Both skilled and unskilled volunteers are welcome. Individuals are welcome anytime but need to call the office in advance to help us efficiently plan the work day. On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday we meet between 7:30 and 8:00 at the designated construction site unless otherwise instructed. The office staff will give directions to work site locations and a description of tentative work plans. Groups of up to 15 are welcome but must be reserved in advance with the Volunteer Coordinator. In the event of inclement weather, you will be notified of a potential site or schedule change.

Site Registration

All volunteers must sign in the site registration book daily and sign a waiver before working. The sign in book is usually located in a conspicuous place on the site. A staff member will be available to assist you. Please arrive a few minutes early for sign in, opening prayer and work assignments.


Meals are occasionally provided by local supporters, but typically volunteers bring their own lunch. Snacks and water are provided on site for volunteers.

Tools and clothing

All of the tools necessary for the day’s work will be on site. However, because of the limited supply of tools and equipment, volunteers are encouraged to bring their own, if available. Basic construction tools include: hammer, tool belt, nail apron, knife, pencil, and a measuring tape. Other tools needed for projects such as ladders, extension cords, saws etc, may be brought also. Please label all of your tools clearly. Please remember to dress for a work site. Wear boots or sturdy shoes. Do not wear loose clothing that can catch on tools or construction materials. Wear sunscreen, hats, and gloves. Safety equipment is available and encouraged. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own if available.

Age guidelines

Children under 14 cannot be allowed on the work site, but may assist with preparing meals, etc. Youth ages 14 & 15 may work on landscaping, painting, moving supplies and cleaning. Youth ages 16 & 17 may work on any of the above and vinyl siding, insulation, trim work and dry wall. They may not work on the roof and cannot operate power tools. Ages 18 and up may work on any task with proper supervision and instruction. All minors must complete a release form with a parent/guardian signature included, before working on site.  

For more information or to volunteer call 434-528-3774 or email